Thursday, December 26, 2013

Brown, In Brief

NU 58 (0.85 PPP) - Brown 52 (0.76), 68 possessions.

NU is fortunate that Brown is bad at free throws. The Bears shoot 64.9% on the season (292nd in D1) and were even worse on Saturday, hitting just 47.37% of their freebies. They missed 10 FTs; NU won by six points. NU also benefited from an unusually poor 3P shooting performance by Brown. The Bears hit only 20% of their 3PAs; on the year they average 39.2%.

The best summary though, comes from Phillip R-R (@RiseNU) on Twitter:

Quick Thoughts on Players

Drew Crawford is possibly the best all-around player NU’s had in the last two decades. Even if he isn’t scoring he is making contributions everywhere else. Still, he's not getting the ball enough on offense. Like Kevin O'Neill once said about Evan Eschmeyer, Drew should "get more touches than a pervert." There are only three scenarios when he shouldn’t touch the ball on an offensive possession:

  1. He’s on the bench.
  2. NU scores a quick, easy bucket.
  3. NU gets fouled early in the possession.

Dave Sobolewski is trying. Really hard. Maybe too hard. It looks pretty obvious that he and Chris Collins have a pretty tight student-teacher relationship. I’m interested to see if things get easier for Dave as the season progresses.

Tre Demps is much improved this year.

Kale Abrahasom should play more. A lot more.

Alex Olah should try to draw more fouls. He's hitting 71.9% of his FTs.

JerShon Cobb can’t get healthy quickly enough. The ‘Cats are in big trouble without him.

Sanjay Lumpkin's defense is overrated. He needs to foul a lot less frequently.

James Montgomery...see Sanjay Lumpkin.

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